Prepare To Never Sleep Again After Watching The New 'American Horror Story' Opening Titles

Why is everything covered in blood?! 😭🐝😩

What terrible thing did we do to deserve the most unsettling opening credits in American Horror Story history? Oh wait. Mystery solved.

With the September 5 premiere of American Horror Story: Cult looming, FX just dropped the anticipated main titles sequence. A staple of the AHS franchise, this installment's opening is especially stomach-churning. From creepy-crawlies slithering out of skin abscesses (yuck) to deranged clowns peeping out of large boxes (eeeek), Cult is not messing around with the provocative imagery.

Of course it wouldn't be a true AHS: Cult opener without a few references to the most recent presidential election. The season premiere supposedly takes place on Election Night, and judging from the shady figures donning Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks and all that blood splatter across the American flag, Cult is really leaning in to politically charged iconography.

As if we don't get enough of it literally everywhere else!!!

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