Two Rocks Ruled The Box Office This Weekend

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's action comedy 'The Rundown' slides to #3; 'School of Rock' tops box office with $20.2 million debut.

It was all about the Rock at the box office over the weekend.

Granted, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's action comedy "The Rundown" slid to #3 from the top spot it held last week, but "School of Rock" topped the box office with an estimated $20.2 million debut.

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The Denzel Washington thriller "Out of Time," which was also new in theaters, was sandwiched between them with a $17 million haul.

But just because Jack Black's "Rock" was #1, that doesn't mean that the Rock -- as in, you know, the guy -- should be too upset. After all, "The Rundown," the jungle adventure that pairs him with Seann William Scott, has already made close to $33 million since it was released.

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And though "School of Rock" and "Out of Time" may have been the weekend's only new movies, the increasingly acclaimed Bill Murray vehicle "Lost in Translation" had a chance to get in front of more faces as it expanded into wider release. And the gambit paid off, with "Lost in Translation" moving from #10 to #7 on the charts with a healthy $4.2 million to add to its now $14.1 million four-week total (see [article id="1478074"]"Sofia Coppola Scores Movie, Music Coups With 'Translation'[/article] ").

"Lost in Translation" is now playing in just under 900 theaters, which by comparison is still roughly 2,000 fewer than "The Rundown" or "Out of Time."

The rest of the weekend's top 10 includes "Under the Tuscan Sun" at #4 with $9.7 million, for a $20.9 million two-week total; "Secondhand Lions" at #5 with $5.3 million ($30.8 million, three weeks); "Underworld" at #6 with $4.8 million ($44.5 million, three weeks); "The Fighting Temptations" at #8 with $3.2 million ($24.4 million, three weeks); "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" at #9 with $2.5 million ($52.9 million, four weeks) and "Cold Creek Manor" at #10 with $2.5 million ($18.3 million, three weeks).

Nicolas Cage's "Matchstick Men" just barely missed the top 10, taking in $2.3 million for a four-week, $34.2 million total. Meanwhile, the Ben Stiller/ Drew Barrymore comedy "Duplex" has nearly disappeared off the radar entirely, landing at #12 during its second week with $2.1 million. The film has made just $7.8 million overall.