'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Into The Deep'

Let's start at the end and work our way back: Because this is "PLL," they're probably contractually obligated to put at least one regularly appearing cast member in mortal danger. This week, Jenna's the one who drew the short straw, because after hemming and hawing to Shana about how she was super-duper scared of someone and really didn't want to be around any of the liars, she was found floating facedown in the lake. Emily jumped in and saved her, thankfully, because the last thing Rosewood needs is another dead body.

But that wasn't actually the end of the episode, because the real end was super duper confusing, and it didn't even get cut off on my DVR! Seriously, can anyone explain what happened? Here's what we saw: A blonde lady in a red coat (or a dude in a really expensive, nice blonde wig, I guess) snuck into the crawl space under a porch. Then someone in a black hoodie and gloves put the sheet music to a piano piece called "Any Time" inside an envelope labeled "Toby Cavanagh." What?! What does it meeeeean? (That's a serious question. I am legitimately confused about all of this.)

Are we supposed to believe it was CeCe sneaking under the porch? That's who Jenna was scared of the whole time, and the past few episodes have not looked kindly upon the cool, older blonde chick. We'll probably never find out, because we are light on actual answers this season. And anything we do find out doesn't actually help figure out who killed Ali. Does anything really matter anymore? A is no one, yet A is everyone. We're all going to be really disappointed when all of this turns out to be happening inside Mona's snowglobe.

I guess some other stuff happened in the episode too. Emily got all pumped to maybe put off college for a year and train after her shoulder heals, but the swim coach Paige put her in touch with brutally shot down that plan because of the severity of her injury. That meant she was in a crappy mood for her surprise birthday party, but that's probably okay because it would've ended terribly anyway, considering Jenna almost died.

Oh! Remember when Mona confessed to killing Wilden? Turns out that sneaky biyotch purposefully got some of the details wrong so she won't actually get locked up for the crime. It seems she was only trying to stir up enough doubt so that Ashley Marin would get out on bail. Mission accomplished: Ashley's back home, thanks to Ted (who posted her bail), and Mona's back in her old room at Radley. What's in it for her? Did she miss the cafeteria food there or something?

Aria creeped on her new dude's fantastic ab situation through her front porch window after he spent the night (on the couch). But instead of locking that down, she didn't invite him to Emily's party and he went with another girl. How could that six pack not convince you to make it official with Jake, Aria? Thankfully, they seem to have DTR'd now. There's trouble in the other half of Ezria, however: Fitz's ex wants to take their kid to Washington while she goes to grad school, but he's not down with Alex Mack's plan.

Spencer was definitely in this episode. That's all I've got for Spencer.

What did you think of "Into the Deep"? Can someone please explain to me what happened?

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