New Deals Give Bounce To Pete Yorn's Trampoline Records

With distribution deal, financing in place, imprint signs first act: Nadine.

Pete Yorn once described Trampoline Records as "an excuse for me to get drunk and play music with my friends." Well, he'd better not drink too much, because it's slowly turning into a real label.

With financing and distribution deals in place, the company has signed its first act: St. Louis natives Nadine.

"It's a really great, kind of progressive alt-country band, and it's going to be cool," Yorn said recently. Trampoline will release Nadine's Strange Seasons, the band's fourth album, on September 2, the same day as Trampoline Records Greatest Hits Vol. 2. The band's first single, "Different Kind of Heartache," will be featured on the compilation.

A track list for Greatest Hits Vol. 2 has yet to be finalized, but Yorn, the Wallflowers' Rami Jaffee and the Jukebox Junkies' Marc Dauer will continue to make the compilations the centerpiece of Trampoline.

"It's just a really fun thing, Yorn said. "We get so many CDs sent to us, and we get to hear a lot of music that we otherwise wouldn't have gotten to hear. And not all of it's good, of course, but sometimes you find a really good band through it."

As with the first compilation, Trampoline will support Vol. 2 with a revue show featuring as many of its bands as possible. The label is also looking to sign more artists, which could find Yorn getting more hands-on with the roster.

"If I had the time and there was a band that I was passionate about, I'd be into producing them, definitely," he said. "I have strong ideas in the studio; anybody who works with me knows that."

Finding the time is the hard part, as Yorn's touring schedule is booked through the fall, when he will open for R.E.M. on select dates. In the meantime, he wraps a tour with the Foo Fighters Wednesday (July 16) in Vancouver and will follow with overseas dates and August 7 and 8 shows at Giants Stadium with Bon Jovi.

"The Foos' crowd has been great," Yorn said. "I think they're enjoying us, which is cool, and the Foos are really nice, sweethearts. The other band on tour is the Special Goodness, with Pat [Wilson] from Weezer as the lead singer, so it's all these drummers-turned-lead-singers, which is cool."

Yorn has released "Crystal Village" as his second single (see [article id="1472202"]"Pete Yorn To Tour With Foo Fighters, Gets Misty-Eyed On 'Crystal Village' "[/article]) and is looking to fans on the tour to help him decide the third.

"People like 'Burrito,' " Yorn said. "When you're making the record, you don't know what people are gonna respond to, you're just kinda makin' it for yourself, and so it's cool to see what songs people gravitate toward."