Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence Just Made Our Hearts Explode With Feminist Solidarity

What have we done to deserve such joy?

Jennifer Lawrence's recent essay on feminism and the gender pay gap might have blown our minds with how awesome it was, but it's also done something else amazing -- it made our YA feminist fantasies come true.

Lawrence published the essay earlier today (October 13) as part of Lena Dunham's "Lenny" newsletter, and in it finally opened up about her own experience discovering that she's made less money than her male co-stars. And it wasn't just the Internet that noticed and reacted to her words; so did fellow actress and feminist U.N. spokesperson Emma Watson, who took to Twitter to describe her own thoughts on the matter. Specifically the matter of, "How awesome is Jennifer Lawrence?"

(She left out the part where Jennifer Lawrence writes, "F--k it," but we're assuming she was totally thinking it.)

If you'd told us this morning that Katniss Everdeen and Hermione Granger would finally be brought together in feminist solidarity... well, odds are we would have believed you because it's not that improbable, but we still wouldn't have expected to be so emotional about the whole ordeal. My little babies, off to destroy the patriarchy!

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Seriously, this is a thousand times better than that time they face-palmed each other. Let's hope it keeps going and they end up in a biopic about Margaret Sanger together or something. Remember, this is just how Jennifer's friendship with Amy Schumer started and look how that worked out!