Looks Like Drake and Serena Williams Had A 'Very' Romantic Dinner

They weren't focused on the food.

Drake and Serena Williams were rumored to have dated before (which really pissed off Common), and it looks like things might be heating up between these two again.

TMZ captured photos of Drizzy and the all-star tennis player having a pretty romantic dinner in Cincinnati, and we say romantic because in the photos they're very focused on each other -- and not on the food at all.

Drake hasn't been shy about his admiration for Ms. Williams up until this point.

In addition to their secret rendezvous, he rapped about her on "Worst Behavior," spitting, "I'm with my whole set, tennis matches at the crib/ I swear I could beat Serena when she playin' with her left."

And just a few weeks ago, he congratulated her on her sixth Wimbledon win, with an Instagram post that read, "Showtime Champ. A big plate for all that food you ate at Wimbledon!"

Common was in a relationship with Serena in the past, and he didn't like it when Drake initially started getting close to his former lady. In fact, he took shots at the Toronto rapper, and they both took turns throwing jabs back-and-forth at each other on a few songs.

Eventually, they made up, though.

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