Kristen Stewart Talks Bella's 'Twilight' Wedding Dress

Bella's wedding look...without the dress.

Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Some may say Will and Kate were the wedding event of the century, but that's clearly hyperbole. The real wedding we are holding onto our hankies for doesn't even exist, and that is the one between Twilights' Edward and Bella. Duh. The internet has been a hot, hungry cesspool of speculation, and the Twilight crew has been doing an absolutely wonderful job of feeding our appetite without giving anything too revealing away. Which is actually great—we want to be surprised, but our shock and awww (GET IT? PUNZ.) won't diminish if we know just a few deets, right? Like, maybe Kristen Stewart needing to cover up with a Volturi cape every time filming was paused like she was some sort of vampire captive?

At last weekend's Comic-Con, K. Stew told Cineplex Movies about how preserving the mystery may have ruined her wedding day. "It was a huge deal keeping this thing shrouded," she says. "I was wearing a Volturi cape most of the time and I hated it. You know, you want to feel pretty on your wedding day and every time they called cut, someone would come and attack you with a Volturi cape and you’re like 'Where am I?'" As if being attacked with a medieval cape on your day of dreams wasn't magical enough, it sounds like Kristen wasn't particularly comfy. "The dress was tight, it was so tight," she said. Sigh. There goes images of billowing, gauzy gowns. But wait! "I really liked it," Kristen gushes. "It was very pretty."

If K. Stew liked it, then we probably will too, given her pretty solid sartorial cred. We know that the dress was made by designer Carolina Herrera, and given our previous guesses (judging by current Herrera collections), we can definitely rule out the dress all the way to the right. The middle option, it appears, might be "tight" and able to be covered with an evil vampire cape, but the preview doesn't even offer a glimpse at the neck situation, so we are stabbing like crazed and blind fashion fans in the dark. For the wedding itself, a charmingly sentimental Kristen added, "Seeing everybody sitting in attendance at my wedding was actually pretty cool."

{Via Cineplex}

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