Rico Nasty Tells You Just How Hard She Works On 'Time Flies'

The Monarch of the Mosh Pit has forgotten the meaning of the word 'sleep'

Rico Nasty, the Monarch of the Mosh Pit, is damn proud of herself and her achievements — as she should be. Rising from nothing to something is an exhilarating experience, ultimately culminating in fast-moving days that eventually become a blur. As they say, time flies when you're having fun. That's at the heart of Rico Nasty's new song, "Time Flies." It's an energetic sunny-side up anthem that finds joy in the journey to jubilance. She's done a lot, seen a lot, and now she's finally here. Cheers to Rico Nasty.

"Time Flies" is an awesomely happy record, similar in style to SpongeBob's "The Best Day Ever." Butterflies fly over a moderately warm, lush green horizon when "Time Flies" comes on. A cool breeze gently brushes behind your ears. On the jubilant tune, Rico Nasty is looking at the exhibits of her memory museum, thinking about what she's done in order to get to where she is right now: successful, young, and legendary.

"I've been on my shit, I don't need no help / Always getting money, rain, snow, sleet, hail," she sings, glossy-eyed. She opens up about always traveling, always pursuing the bag, and reflecting on her self-doubt. Her triumphant tone is earned. She's put in the work and now she can kick back on a hammock on the beach, enjoying the fruits of her labor.

Rico Nasty released Anger Management with Kenny Beats in April. In June, she was revealed to be a member of 2019 XXL Freshman Class along with Megan Thee Stallion, Tierra Whack, Blueface, and more.

Listen to Rico Nasty celebrate her work ethic in "Time Flies" up above.

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