Watch Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Video... But You've Been Warned

Be very jealous of the lapdance Drake gets from Nicki.

It’s finally here!

After enticing her Barbz with behind-the-scenes vlogs and teaser videos dripping with sexuality, Nicki Minaj released the music video for “Anaconda” via her Twitter account at the stroke of midnight Wednesday (August 20).

And make no mistake about it; it was well worth the wait.

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The Colin Tilley-directed clip begins with the Young Money Queen in the jungle, surrounded by scantily clad dancers who gyrate like it’s a bodily function.

And the slo-mo twerk shots? Don’t get too excited, OK?

The Pink Print MC gets very colorful during the varied set pieces that find her going from a “Flashdance” tribute to a sexy pink bikini-clad personal trainer who will work you out better than Jane Fonda.

After the VMA performer gets you super excited about her g-string, she plays the drums on a dancer’s butt cheeks.

For the closer, the “Pills & Potions” rapper seductively crawls up to Drake, who proceeds to get a special lap dance that’s sure to get you overheated.

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