'Star Wars' Meets 'Rudy' in This Hilarious 'Yody' Mash-Up

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the world has been waiting to see what that might look like. Luckily, the team at "Conan" is more than ready to serve up a hot, piping mashup parody that certainly answers the question by marrying aliens and football.

"Yody" raises the question: What would it look like if Yoda's dream was to play football at Notre Dame? Just like Sean Astin's impossible dream in "Rudy," it certainly wouldn't be easy, considering the guy clocks in at "two feet tall, five pounds heavy, and nine hundred years old." But, hey, Disney movies never leave a dream unfulfilled, which is why seeing Yoda as Rudy is time well spent, even if it may never actually come true.

But if you're reading this, Disney execs, we'd very much like to see that come true (hint, hint).

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