This 'Scorch Trials' Poster Runs Us Out Of The Maze

WCKD is clearly *not* good.

The kiddos (well, most of them) may have made it out of the Maze with a little determination and quick thinking, but now things are going to get really sticky for the WICKED group as they attempt to navigate the barren wasteland that is what remains of the sun-scorched world.

And this new poster for "The Maze Runner: Scorch Trails" confirms that the scale of devastation these hapless boys and girls are up against here in the desert earth is intense.


The Scorch Trials poster

As Dylan O'Brien explained during our exclusive set visit to the hotly anticipated (get it?) "Maze Runner" sequel, for part two of the series, "what the Gladers find out is that the world has been essentially taken over by this virus; this disease called the Flare. It’s basically like 'The Walking Dead' all of a sudden." In other words: Destroyed. Everything is destroyed.

But the group still has the crafty likes of Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and Minho (Ki Hong Lee) in the lead, which has gotten them this far so ... fingers crossed they can keep their cool through all of the fiery trials this installment will present?

We'll see.

The first trailer (which we totes got a sneak peek of last month) for "The Scorch Trials" will launch tomorrow, but for now we have a teaser snippet to obsess over until it drops.

Stay tuned for the full transmission, Greenies.