Belle Is Boujee As Hell In This Awesome 'Beauty And The Beast' Parody Video

Raindrop, drop top / Chillin’ with a clock and a teapot

The Beauty and the Beast hype has officially infiltrated everything: first our playlists, then the Knowles-Carter household, and now, the hip-hop world.

Believe it or not, that bookworm Belle is boujee as hell, according to a surprisingly awesome parody video cooked up by Nerdist. “Belle & Boujee” is a different take on “Bad and Boujee,” and stars a swaggering Belle who wears a “YRP” chain to show that she’s “young, rich, and pretty.” She rolls deep with a dabbing posse of “silverware actin’ like groupies” and reimagines Migos’s instantly recognizable hook as: “Raindrop, drop top / Chillin’ with a clock and a teapot / Duckin' on Gaston cause he not hot hot.” As for Lil Uzi Vert’s off-kilter verse, that’s handled by the baddest teacup in the kingdom: Lil Uzi Chip, who nails that whiny nasal flow to perfection.

Check out the vid below, but be warned: This’ll be stuck in your head until you finally see BATB on the big screen this Friday (March 17).