TLC Ready To 'Change People's Lives' With New Music

'This is TLC right here, no new people in the group,' Chilli says of talk about replacing Left Eye.

LAS VEGAS -- It's been seven years since [artist id="825"]TLC[/artist]'s Left Eye died in a car crash, but the two remaining members, T-Boz and Chilli, insist they aren't ready to quit. They also say they have no plans to replace Left Eye -- and that fans will soon hear new music from the duo.

"Well, first I have to say, when people say, 'coming back together,' we've always been together. We're always TLC. We're not the former members of TLC," Chilli told MTV News at the second annual Justin Timberlake and Friends concert in Las Vegas. "This is TLC right here, no new people in the group. It's just T-Boz and Chilli."

With that cleared up, T-Boz shared that she and Chilli have plans to hit the studio and get working on some new music to be released sometime soon. The exact details, however, were still up in the air. "We're talking about it right now," she said. "Well, we haven't started. We're talking. ... We're getting it together, and then it will most likely happen."

Chilli felt there is no time like the present to get their empowering, socially conscious, R&B-infused pop back on the airwaves. "It's needed, I think, with the lyrics today," she said. "You just listen to the radio, and it's like the beats are hot, but the lyrics aren't there. I think that inspires us to go back in and come up with songs that continue to change people's lives for the better."

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