See What Nicki Minaj Does With Machine Guns In 'Lookin Ass N---a' Video

Nicki sets off Young Money's next album with new solo single and video.

For the most part, rap is a male dominated sport; someone just forgot to tell Nicki Minaj.

On Wednesday (February 12), Minaj took hip-hop's battle of the sexes to the next level armed with a pair of scathing verses and two matching machine guns in the video for her new single "Lookin Ass N---a."

Click here to watch the video: But warning, it's NSFW.

The track, which is slated to appear on Young Money's upcoming Rise of an Empire album and Nicki's upcoming The Pink Print, starts with a persistent piano thump and auto-tuned wail before Nicki goes in on the opposite sex. "Look at y'all smokin' ass n---a/ After every pull n---as start chokin' ass n---as," she raps slowly throwing the gauntlet down.

For the most part, Nicki flows a similar rhyme pattern throughout, stacking multisyllabic bars ending each bar with the controversial N-word. She blasts men for staring at her butt, lying about their finances and exaggerating on their drug-dealing past.

In the video, which dropped on, Nicki stands in a desert rocking a see-through black lace number as she puffs her chest and accentuates her aggressive lyrics with snarls and sassy flicks of her long black hair.

Fans expecting "Super Bass" or "Starships" should be warned: This 2014 version of Nicki is far more menacing than anything we've seen. "Look at you fake dope dealers, know real n---as that be movin' weight in dem villas," she barks to end the song before pulling out twin machine guns and letting the bullets fly.