'Pretty Little Liars': A's Soul Goes Up In Flames In 'Game On, Charles'

Oh my god Sarah Harvey is alive

"Pretty Little Liars" has taken more than a few twisted turns over the years, but now in its sixth season, it's getting really, truly dark -- like "Silence of the Lambs" levels of sinister.

The season six premiere, titled "Game On, Charles," saw the Liars get drugged, assaulted and emotionally manipulated by A, who we learned in the season five finale is actually some dude named Charles DiLaurentis. Apparently, A has a soul -- and it's buried in a room filled with popcorn machines, teddy bears and dusty, old projectors. Well, it was buried, until the Liars BURNED. IT. DOWN.

The final minutes of tonight's "PLL" played out kinda like this epic scene from Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video, and we are definitely not mad at it.

Bad Blood Music Video Gif

The Liars may be free from A's grasp, but something tells us he's going to be pretty about the whole destroying childhood memories thing. Let's take a look at the most game-changing moments from the episode:

The Liars Most Certainly Have PTSD Now

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The episode picked up right where the season five finale left off, with the Liars locked outside A's dollhouse after their escape plan goes south. They spend then entire night in the rain, contemplating the merits of drinking their own urine (yeah, the first half of this episode was weird), before A made them go inside. Once inside the dollhouse, A split them up and took Mona back to her private suite at Château Charles. The Liars weren't so lucky.

They got undressed -- by Mona, we hope -- and displayed on tables. If A wanted to scare them, it definitely worked. Nobody wants to wake up feeling like your organs have been harvested, ya know? Mona, doing her best Ali impression for A's RPG, told the Liars they had to go back to their rooms. They followed A's rules, only because he's a psychopath, but what was waiting for them in those rooms was truly horrible. So horrible, we don't even know what happened. All we know is that Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna were changed -- physically and emotionally -- when they walked out of their rooms three weeks later.

A wanted the Liars to prepare for Ali's arrival, but his plan backfired when Spencer, our Queen and Savior, came up with a plan: sneak out when the generator turns off for those precious 90 seconds every night and find A's vault. Thanks to Emily's brilliant eye, the Liars find the vault just in time. And then they BURN IT DOWN like totally bosses.

After watching the Liars be manipulated and terrorized by A for so many seasons, it was awesome to see them reclaim their agency and have the upper hand for once. For a brief moment, Charles was defenseless as he agonized over his two choices: save his memories or go after Ali. Oh, why was Ali near A's vault, you ask? Good question...

Caleb, Ezra And Ali Team Up

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After publicly pleading with Andrew Campbell -- suspect numero uno -- to bring her friends back safely, Ali told reporters she'd like to be left alone with her family. Okay, fine. That's normal. Whatever. But then she added that she'd also like the police to leave her property. Hmm. Why would Ali put her life in danger like that? Because she had a master plan, duh!

As it turned out, Detective Tanner and her faithful cadet, Officer Toby, were in Ali's house all along, just waiting for A to come snatch Ali up. When Ali eventually received a call from A, they jumped into action. After realizing the call came from inside the house -- nice foreshadowing with the Charles DiLaurentis reveal, writers! -- Toby and Tanner went to scope it out, but not before they locked Ali in a room for safe keeping (natch).

But the entire thing happened to be a red herring orchestrated by Ezra and Caleb (but mostly Caleb, probably). With Toby and Tanner distracted, Ali was able to escape. She joined Ezra and Caleb for a little joy ride to the Kissing Rock -- aka their plan was to make Ali their A-bait. They slipped a tracking device in Ali's boot and promised they'd be right behind her (ha).

Ali eventually found a car that A conveniently left for her and the GPS has been programed to take her to the dollhouse. Before she reached her destination, the built-in guidance system directed her to open her trunk, where she discovered a greeting card, signed by the Liars, with a particularly ominous message: "Put on these clothes and start walking… or they die." But Ali, being the smart girl she is, left clues for Caleb and Ezra to find her, sans tracking device.

Eventually, Caleb and Ezra find Ali, and together, the rising smoke from A's vault lead them to Hanna, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Mona, too. And yes, we totally cried when Hanna ran into Caleb's arms because THEY'RE TRUE LOVE.

Andrew Campbell Is Still Missing.

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What does Andrew have to do with all of this? We're not naive enough to think he's actually A -- that has red herring written all over it -- but who could he be working for? We know Andrew has been missing since the Liars were taken, and he's been snooping around Rosewood ever since. Again, we doubt Andrew is the bad guy here, but what could he possibly be hiding?

Sara Harvey Is A-L-I-V-E.

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Charles Is

When the Rosewood P.D. arrived on the scene, they discovered another girl in A's dollhouse. Earlier in the episode, a blonde wearing Ali's infamous yellow tank was sent to deliver meals to the Liars. We saw her face, and it definitely wasn't Mona, so when she identified herself to police, we were shocked: she's Sara Harvey! Sara went missing around the same time as Ali. Has she been locked away in A's dollhouse this entire time?

Remember when Ali saw that her mom had bought two yellow tank tops? What if one of them was for Sara? What if Mrs. DiLaurentis knew Charles was going to come after Ali, so she intentionally bought Sara the same clothes in the hopes that it would confuse him? We have no idea how Sara and Mrs. DiLaurentis are connected, but it's definitely something to think about. Once again, "PLL" leaves us with more questions than answers.

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