Artists Speak: 'I'm Hitting Every Party,' Jermaine Dupri

It's one of music's biggest nights, and thanks to the miracle of modern communication, we're taking you inside. Artists on the red carpet, in the house, and watching from the road are weighing in, blowing up our two-way pagers, and we're sharing their thoughts with you. Check the bottom of the page for the latest update from the trenches.

From: Usher, on tour in Germany, 12:23 ET Well, I'm trying to make the best of it, being that I'm not there to accept my award. I'm going forward with the best attitude. I hate that I'm not able to be there. I got the home team that's gonna keep me abreast of what's going on. I'm probably gonna have someone call me when the winner [is announced] so I can hear. I hate that I can't see Thandie Newton on the red carpet. I had a nice little gangsta outfit I was gonna wear. The wildest thing about it is that I had a gun holster on my outfit, but there's no gun in it. It was sick. It's time for y'all cats to beware. Y'all better beware because it's going down.

From: Slipknot's Paul Grey, at home in Iowa, 1:07 ET I'm not actually going because I'm sick. I'm here in Iowa. We just got back from Europe and there are four or five of us that have this stomach thing. There must be something weird in something we ate. I've just been lying here in bed for the last couple days. I was gonna fly out of here this morning, but I just couldn't do it. I was gonna just wear what I would normally wear — jeans and a T-shirt. That's what I wear everywhere. That's what I wear to funerals and weddings and everything. I'm gonna be watching because we got nominated. I don't know what our chances are, but I'll watch. Last year we got nominated for "Wait and Bleed," and this year for "Left Behind." I personally think System of a Down is gonna win, but hopefully we've got a chance. To me personally, just being nominated is cool enough. It's not gonna make my day if we win or kill me if we lose.

From Bubba Sparxxx, in transit, 3:29 ET I'm at the airport in ATL about to head to L.A. ... I'll probably go to Missy (Elliott)'s party tonight. ... I got a show with Ludacris and Busta tomorrow. I'll be landin' just as they start. ... I'll probably just catch it in the hotel room.

From: Bloodhound Gang's Jimmy Pop, at home in Philadelphia, 5:22 ET I actually am a Grammy voter. I voted for Slayer, Linkin Park, 'NSYNC, Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode, Nelly and some others. The only way I'm getting in there on my own accord is if they need someone to pass out programs. I would love to hear Charlotte Church present the Best Metal Record, open the envelope and say, "Slayer, for God Hates Us All." Do you think Christina Aguilera is going to show up dressed like a dude at this awards show too?

From: Papa Roach's Dave Buckner, at home in Sacramento, 5:46 ET I'm actually glad we didn't win Best New Artist last year, because that's like the kiss of death award. Didn't Men at Work win that, and then they were never heard from again? Last year, we were so busy touring that it didn't really hit me until after and they sent us the little certificate and medal in the mail. Then it finally hit me like, 'Wow, we were nominated for a Grammy.' Now I'm really proud of it. ... I'm hoping that Linkin Park doesn't win Best New Artist, because I want them to be around for more than a year.

From: comedian David Cross, on the road in Atlanta, 6:19 ET It's almost like they're having a race to see who can be more out of touch, the Grammys or the Oscars, and the Grammys always win. This year they've taken little baby steps toward not being as completely out of it as they have been in the past, ... and I also don't like awards shows. I think it's very fitting that the icon on top of the statuettes is an old Victrola. That's kind of perfect. I mean, where was Fugazi's The Argument? Where was that? Come on. I demand a recount ... or at least a count.

From: producer Rodney Jerkins, in an Atlanta studio with Toni Braxton, 6:23 ET Yes, indeed we are making hit after hit after hit! [We've] completed two songs already. The first song is called "Whatcha Need." It's up-tempo, real catchy and hot using my new sound called the Darkchild on-and-off knock, and we also did a sexy jazz mid-tempo [number] called "Do U Remember?" I'll be watching the awards.

From: Naughty by Nature's Treach, 7:14 ET Tonight I'll be meeting with the fashion stylist to figure out what we're wearing for the next part of our video shoot for "Feels Good" with 3LW, and then I'm going to the studio to hook up with Vinnie to do final edits for our album, iicons. We'll be watching the Grammys from the studio, and then I'm going home to sleep because I have to get up early tomorrow morning for Source "All-Access" taping.

From: Naughty by Nature's Vinnie, 7:17 ET I'll be in the studio doing the last clean mix to our album, iicons, so we can get the album mastered. We're looking forward to being a contender for next year's Grammys. Treach and I will be watching from the studio.

From: producer Mannie Fresh, in an Atlanta recording studio, 7:23 ET I'm in the studio working on my new album, Hood Rich. Hope y'all like it. Bless everybody in the world.

From: Phantom Planet's Alex Greenwald, in Los Angeles, 7:27 ET I definitely plan on watching, though it will probably be the first Grammy broadcast that I've ever watched. I've heard that Sade is up for a couple categories, and I hope she wins as many as she can because I've done a lot of great making out to her record. That's the only person that I've really listened to that I think should win.

From: Bloodhound Gang's Jimmy Pop, at home in Philadelphia, 8:34 ET How hot did Joey Fatone look? Hot. Oh my, the "Moulin Rouge" girls are more annoying than Charlie's Angels when they get together. I've slept with whores. They NEVER look like Mya. OK, they're done, I can turn the sound back on.

From: Noreaga, 8:58 ET I ain't doing sh--. Writing rhymes don't you get invited to things like that, so I don't go.

From: Patti LaBelle, backstage at the Grammys, 9:17 ET I went to Grammy rehearsal, rested and came back to perform with the "Moulin Rouge" girls for the first time. I'll sleep tonight. It was AWESOMELY unbelievable! One of the highlights of my career, and I'm so happy they won!

From: Jermaine Dupri, backstage at the Grammys, 9:32 ET I'm just relaxed and chilled out to the show. I'm hitting every party and doing a lot of interviews. I haven't been in the audience yet, ... but backstage is fun. I love everybody, so I'm happy for all.

From: Mystic, at Grammy Awards, 10:39 ET The show has been great. Mary J. Blige was incredible. I'm a little off the floor, but with a good view. I'm having a ball. Great music and people watching. LOL! I've seen so many folks ... Musiq, Nate Dogg, Gwen, Blue Cantrell, Outkast ... everybody and their mama. LOL. Going to Erykah Badu's party, maybe the MCA mansion party. But I might go home and go to bed. Mom is my date, so it may be mellow.

Lindsay Pagano from her bedroom in Los Angeles, 10:57 PT I really like Nelly Furtado's outfit. And Britney's, she looks gorgeous tonight. I'm sooooo glad "Lady Marmalade" won... and it was a great performance... I'm a HUGE Christina fan! I was gonna' go to the after part tonight, but i have to go in the studio tomorrow to record a song called "United We Sing" with alot of the people who were at the Grammy's tonight... so I didnt wanna be tired.

Rodney Jerkins, in an Atlanta studio with Toni Braxton,11:08 ET I'm trying [to hang in there with the show]. I'm exhausted.

From: Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia of Grammy winners Deep Dish, leaving the Staples Center, 11:42 ET We won. We're hangin' with BT, and right now we're going to go party.

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