No, Justin Timberlake Is Not Singing With A Prince Hologram At The Super Bowl


Justin Timberlake will be playing the Super Bowl LII halftime show tonight (February 4), and the hours preceding his performance have been keeping the rumor mill spinning at a rapid rate.

Since news broke that the Man of the Woods was reportedly planning on incorporating a Prince hologram into the set, social media erupted in protest. Prince, who died in 2016, was completely against the mere concept of the artist hologram, going so far as to call it "the most demonic thing imaginable."

Fans, friends, and family of the Purple One, including Sheila E., one of his closest collaborators, were understandably horrified at the prospect of Timberlake employing a Prince hologram against the late artist's wishes — and in his hometown, at that — and they said so across the internet.

Sheila then took matters into her own hands, and went to the source herself: She says she spoke with Timberlake merely hours before he was scheduled to hit the stadium in Minneapolis, and that he not only confirmed that there will not be a hologram, but shared "heartfelt words" of appreciation for Prince and those who love him.

So, that settles it: Timberlake won't be performing alongside a hologram of Prince, and will likely stick to a halftime show that hypes his new music along with his solo material. We'll just have to wait and see, but in the meantime, let's all exhale one big sigh of relief.