Where's Your Head At? JC Chasez's Is In Electronic Music

'NSYNC singer teams up with Basement Jaxx in latest electro collabo.

GLENDALE, California -- While Justin Timberlake has become the hot collaboration in hip-hop, JC Chasez is claiming the title in electronic music.

Just weeks after lending his voice to BT's new release (see [article id="1458763"]"BT Secretive About 'NSYNC Payback On Upcoming Album"[/article]), the 'NSYNC star has recorded a track with British dance duo Basement Jaxx.

The collaboration came together during a visit Chasez made to London last month. "I was visiting people I listen to who aren't here in the States and ended up running into the Basement Jaxx," JC said. "Those guys are really, really cool, really creative. The stuff they come up with is out of this world."

Chasez watched the duo at work for a few hours before they asked if he would go into the vocal booth.

"They were like, 'We've got this song we're working on. We just need you to maybe sing some stuff over it or just go with the flow. And here are some of the words. If you want to say some of the words, you say 'em. If you don't, it's cool, just kind of sing and make some up,' '' Chasez recalled. "I was like, 'OK, why not?' "

JC spent a few hours goofing around in the booth but didn't think much of it until the guys called him back the next day.

"They're like, 'Man, we've cut all this stuff together, and man, it's brilliant.' 'It's brilliant,' that's what they say in England," Chasez said, laughing. "They were like, 'We just need you to come in for another hour tomorrow, dude, and we got some layout here and we'll just clean it all up.' ... Who knows if they'll use it or if they won't, but either way it was just fun to work with those guys."

Basement Jaxx have yet to set a track list or release date for their follow-up to 2001's Rooty, which included the hit "Where's Your Head At" (see [article id="1442801"]"Basement Jaxx Stay On Point For Rooty"[/article]), according to their spokesperson.

Chasez, meanwhile, is putting the finishing touches on his debut, which so far is without any guest vocalists (see [article id="1471422"]"JC Chasez Previews Schizophrenic Solo Debut"[/article]).

"[Collaborations] aren't supposed to be contrived," he said. "You're supposed to be hanging out. That's just the way I feel about stuff. I just want things to feel good and flow, and if you're into it, you're into it, and if you're not, I don't want it to be about dollar signs. I want it to be about doing a cool song."