Now's Your Chance To Pick Out What Kanye West Wears

Paper doll Yeezy makes your dreams come true.

Kanye West is known for, among other things, his taste in fashion. From being married to one of fashion's top muses (that's Kim Kardashian, for the very uninformed) to starting his own clothing line and creating 2015's Shoe of the Year, Kanye is deeply embedded in the fashion industry.

Eric Reigert/Sugoi Books

Eric Reigert (1)

If you've ever wanted to dress a sartorial mastermind like Mr. West, now's your chance, thanks to a new paper doll book by Sugoi Books called "Dressing The Yeezy Way." Each page of the book was created by a different illustrator who was given free reign to design clothes they believed were worthy of Yeezy himself.

Ben White/Sugoi Books

Ben White

"We got in touch with some illustrators whose work we love and have admired for a long time," Sugoi Books told MTV News in an email. "Each artist really rolled with the idea. [We] wanted to create a book where each doll is different, not just a template. It's given each page a completely fresh aesthetic, a work of art in itself."

Guy Field/Sugoi Books

Guy Field

While the book seems colorful and fun, they're not really sure if Kanye would be a fan.

"Yeezy is so synonymous with taste, dressing well, and looking good," they said. "The paper doll book seemed the fitting dedication. I mean, he would probably hate the idea of some dork taking control of his fashion choices. It makes the book pretty ridiculous, but ultimately fun.

You can preorder "Dressing The Yeezy Way" on Sugoi Books' website now.

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