Kanye West's Beat For Azealia Banks Actually 'A Hoax'

'He sent me some links for stuff he thought I should sample and the email title just said 'beats,' ' Banks tells MTV News.

During a New Year's Eve DJ set, Kanye West drew attention to pint-size Harlem rapper Azealia Banks when he played her catchy "212" single and dubbed her "the future of music."

Since then, Banks has performed at 'Ye's Paris fashion show and exchanged a few emails with him, but she admits that her recent tweet, which announced that she got a beat from the super-producer, was "a hoax."

Banks' tweet ("just got a Kanye West beat") quickly made headlines on the music blogs, but this week, the 21-year-old told MTV News that her excitement got the best of her in the situation.

"That was actually a hoax, I actually didn't get a beat from Kanye West," she said, explaining that she reacted too quickly to one of his emails. "I was actually very gassed and tweeted it. He sent me some links for stuff he thought I should sample and the email title just said 'beats' and I was like: 'I got beats from Kanye West!' Then [the email said], 'Hey, I think you should sample these,' and I was like, 'Come on, f---ing Kanye, give me a goddamn beat! Let me get a beat!' "

The outspoken rapper dropped her 1991 EP last week, which includes "212" and new tracks like "Van Vogue." She plans to roll out her Fantasea mixtape in July, followed by her debut album this fall. So, although she hasn't gotten that Kanye beat just yet, it might still happen.

"We're not tight," she said, detailing her casual relationship with Kanye. "We're kind of just like, 'Yo, what up? How you doing?' I see him around a lot, like [at the] Met Ball and all that stuff. When I speak to him, he'll just be like, 'Yo, what you up to? Want to come to Paris? Want to come to a show?' Sure!"

The lead single from her upcoming Fantasea mixtape is the tropical-tinged track "Jumanji."

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