7 Besties That Taylor Swift Needs To Add To Her Wolf Pack ASAP

Let's face it: Taylor's squad is fresh to death -- but we have some suggestions.

By Nova M. Bajamonti

Taylor Swift is one of the coolest cats in Hollywood and she’s got the squad to back that statement up -- see: Beyoncé, Lorde, Selena Gomez, Haim, Karlie Kloss, Ellie Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld and more. We’re going to need a minute to take in all that awesomeness, TBH.

Yes, it's pretty much a fact that Tay has the greatest crew around, but we have a few ideas when it comes to expanding her friend group with even more #WCW-worthy girl crushes. We don’t know about you, but we want Taylor to feel 22 every day alongside her brand-new besties!

Shay Mitchell (The 'Tell All' Friend)


Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about bullies. I mean, she did write a song called “Mean.” You know, the one we all wanted to sing to certain people back in high school. If anyone can relate, it's Shay Mitchell -- who was bullied in school and ate lunch alone. I’m sure they can bond over how far they've come since HS -- and how their bullies, um, have not. And they both love cooking things like pizza and pasta, so dishing on people while creating a dish sounds like a perfect girl date!

Lily Collins (The Mall Date Bestie)


If you were to Google "Taylor Swift twirling GIFs," it’s safe to say you’d get pretty jealous. She looks like a fairy in each and every one, while us -- well, watch out motion sickness. BUT, can't you just picture Lily Collins joining in on the action? They could go shopping together to find perfect twirly dresses and then step out of the dressing room -- at the same time -- twirling in slow motion. Chills down my spine.

Ashley Greene (The Adrenaline Junkie)


With all of Taylor Swift's sold-out shows, countless interviews and demanding rehearsals, she needs a break! We all know she loves to unwind and recharge at the beach, but how about we skip the suntanning and opt for an adrenaline-inducing adventure?! Paging Ashley Greene -- she's our resident expert at how to get the heart pumping and “Oh-My-God-This-Can’t-Be-Real-Life-Realness.” That’s right, we’re talking about everything from cliff-diving to surfing to hiking. She’s the kind of pal who will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you not to play it safe. Don’t worry about that beach selfie Taylor, because you’ll be too busy diving to capture it.

Zendaya (The Netflix Binge-Watcher)


We all have that one best friend in our lives with whom we can be our complete (and sometimes too comfortable!) selves. We’re talking about that intense side of us -- the lazy, PJ-wearing, “pass the 3rd (or 4th!) bag of Cheetos, please,” kind. Zendaya’s the right kind of gal pal for Taylor Swift’s endless Netflix lounging days because they're both way into "Law and Order." Fear not Taylor, you don't have to watch alone anymore with Zendaya in the mix. Plus: We have a hunch that there'll be some homemade snacks and DIY junk food ideas tossed around! Spicy peanut caramel corn anyone? And yes, that’s actually a thing.

Victoria Justice (The Life of the Party)


Taylor is not known to take herself too seriously. Let's be real -- she looks like she enjoys the VMAs more than the artists performing. She’s always up for some spontaneous, fun plans -- and is always down to bust out some silly dance movies. Well, Victoria Justice loves to be quirky and enjoy and own her weirdness, just like Taylor. Victoria’s favorite hobbies are making videos, going on roller-coasters, and singing karaoke with her friends. One can only imagine the jokes these two could make together.

Lea Michele (Chef-in-Crime)


Despite her glamorous life, Taylor Swift is still the same down-to-Earth, sweet, small-town girl she always was. Case in point: One of her go-tos for a girl’s night (you know, not like we’ve been Taylurking on her Insta or anything) is baking. Lea Michele can say #YAAAAASS to that because she loves baking treats for her friends and family. Lea getting the sprinkles out while Taylor mixes the batter? Sounds like #teamworkgoals.

Shailene Woodley (The Crafty Gal-Pal)


If you’ve caught your jaw dropping at the packages Taylor surprises her fans with and sometimes even delivers herself, it gets better! How about instead of Taylor’s favorite candles, perfumes and body lotions, her fans were gifted with homemade items. Calling our homegirl Shailene Woodley, whose flower child ways inspire her to make her own body lotions, face oils and toothpaste. Watch out, Martha Stewart.


We hope you like our girl crush applications, Taylor!

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