19 Things You Wanted To Do This Summer But Didn't

A look at the many, many lies you told yourself over the past few months.

"This is the summer I run a marathon!" you swore, right before remembering how much you love beer. You planned on doing a lot of other things this summer, too, and ended up doing very few of them. The good news is that you're not alone. Check out these incredibly common promises made/broken since June, and maybe you'll feel better about how lazy you are.

1. "I'm going to read all the classic novels"

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2. "I'm going to have the best bonfire party EVER"

3. "I'm going to lose those last 25-45 pounds"

4. "I'm going to be more careful with the fireworks this year"

5. "I'm going to get awesome at surfing"

6. "I'm going to impress everyone at the BBQ"

7. "I'm going to take it easy on the day drinking"

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8. "I'm going to start that herb garden"

9. "I'm going to finally summon the courage to skydive"

10. "I'm going to eat more kale"

11. "I'm going to buy tickets for every summer blockbuster"

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12. "I'm going to learn to scuba dive"

13. "I'm going to break out my old skateboard"

14. "I'm going to swim with dolphins"

15. "I'm going to stop buying these overpriced frappés"

16. "I'm going to fall in love, or have a threesome, whichever comes first"

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17. "I'm going to learn a foreign language, and not just the dirty words"

18. "I'm going to ride that roller coaster without openly weeping"

19. "I'm going to pace myself with the tanning"

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