Will One Direction Take The Timberlake Route And Go Solo?

Barbara Walters poses the question during her 'Most Fascinating' special, but the 1D guys have a quick response.

The guys in One Direction are a force to be reckoned with these days. They've seemingly done it all in a little more than two years since they met on the U.K. version of the "X Factor." Having already stolen the hearts of teen girls everywhere, topped the charts and toured the globe; there doesn't seem much else for the guys to knock off their collective bucket list. Except, maybe, pursue a solo career.

You see, they had each initially all auditioned for the "X Factor" as solo acts back in the day and after getting cut, they were formed into One Direction. And they told Barbara Walters on [article id="1697712"]"The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012"[/article] special Wednesday night, there's no going back to even thinking about making music solo.

"Me, personally, I wouldn't do it," Louis Tomlinson said.

"We're... we're together now, and that's, I think, that's it. Yeah, it's like you'd be doing wrong," Niall Horan added.

Zayn Malik was also insistent that you won't see any of the guys performing on their own. He said, "No way. It's not even, like, a question. We'd just be like, 'No, I'm not doing it.' "

Of course, the shelf life of a boy band isn't always that long. Except for a few notable exceptions (BSB, NKOTB, but even they had their hiatuses), a boy band doesn't always stay together forever. When Walters pointed out that 'NYSNC only lasted a handful of years before going their separate ways, the guys didn't seem too worried.

"I don't think five years is such a short time," Liam Payne said of that group's run together.

"We are just having an absolutely amazing time and I think it would be wrong to look at it thinking 'When is this going to end?' " Louis noted. "At this moment, we're having a great time."

But, the conversation wasn't just about their career goals; it also focused on their love lives. While Harry noted he was single when he sat down with Walters for the interview, he has since been linked to Taylor Swift, a relationship that has been dubbed [article id="1698335"]Haylor[/article]. She celebrates her [article id="1698820"]23rd birthday today[/article]. Why is that important? Well, it's an interesting fact given this back and forth.

When Walters asked, "How old is older women? 23?" His answer was simply, "Yeah."

Do you think any 1D members would work well solo? Give us your two cents in the comments section!

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