Of Course The Rock Makes A Vin Diesel Joke In First 'Fighting With My Family' Trailer

He's the sassy-yet-inspirational mentor to a young WWE Diva

No matter how many high-profile action movies he carries, Dwayne Johnson will always be The Rock, the first third-generation wrestler the World Wrestling Federation (now the World Wresting Entertainment, or WWE) ever knew. Now, the bonafide Hollywood star is marrying his two worlds by heading back to the ring in his newest flick, Fighting with My Family.

The first trailer for the movie introduces a family of WWE fanatics who make a living by wrestling in small venues — until one day a representative from the WWE (played by Vince Vaughn) recognizes talent in siblings Paige (Florence Pugh) and Zak (Jack Lowden) and invites them to try out for the big leagues. Unfortunately, only Paige makes the final cut, ending up with the opportunity of a lifetime, a disgruntled brother, and a brand new relationship with The Rock.

The craziest part about this movie is that it's based on a true story — that of now-retired WWE Diva Paige (whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis) — but it does have some particularly funny bits that may or may not be exaggerated for comedic value. For example, when Paige and Zak are prepping for their big audition, they bump into The Rock backstage, who slams them with some classic performative insults. "You walk around here interrupting The Rock! You, like you haven't seen the sun in 20 years; you, like you just stepped out of Oliver Twist!"

And since this very meta movie wouldn't be complete without at least one Fast and Furious reference, at one point The Rock calls up Paige's dad, whose disbelief in the caller's identity leads him to say, "Yeah, and I'm Vin Diesel, mate," before hanging up.

Diving deeper into the story on Instagram, The Rock wrote about his personal connection with the story. "In 2012 I watched a documentary about a young, unknown British female pro wrestler and her wonderfully crazy and loving wrestling family," he began. "I loved it and instantly identified with her and her family — because it reminded me of MY wonderfully, loving and fucking crazy wrestling family."

He continued by praising the film's director, Stephen Merchant, and its star for bringing comedic light into the project, and lauding Paige as one of the women who would go on to "help redefine and usher the spectacular WWE women’s wrestling the world enjoys today."

Check out the trailer above. Fighting with My Family hits theaters in February 2019.