Watch James McAvoy Become Bald And Beautiful For 'X Men: Apocalypse'

Patrick Stewart was there, too

It’s taken three films, but James McAvoy has finally gone full Professor X in X Men: Apocalypse. The actor shaved his luscious locks for the transformation, and luckily, director Bryan Singer was there to document it for fans. But they weren’t alone -- Patrick Stewart, who originated the role of Charles Xavier on the big screen, gleefully watched the makeover via FaceTime, making the semi-creepy request, “Why don’t you save lots of it and send it to me? I can make some use of it.”

For his part, McAvoy was downright chummy about seeing his shiny new dome. “It’s something I’m excited about,” McAvoy says in the video. “We still have to honor the iconic nature of Professor X. I’m glad to be finally arriving at that destination -- with my head.”

Watch below to see the makeover madness unfold, and to find out whether or not McAvoy could convincingly pull off a mohawk and a mullet (spoiler alert: hell nah).

X Men: Apocalypse opens in theaters May 27.