'The Walking Dead'’s Carl Somehow Completed High School During The Apocalypse

And you thought 'your' high school years were tough

High school sucks, but it's extra stressful when you have to fend off walkers and corrupt humans in between classes.

And yet, Chandler Riggs, who has played Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead for the past seven years, just completed high school. Considering he's in the middle of a war with Negan and the Saviors and constantly fighting for his life, the accomplishment seems all the more impressive.

After completing his "10th (and last) AP exam ever" last week, on Tuesday (May 16) Riggs tweeted the words every teenager can't wait to say:

It's bizarre to think of Carl "Can't-Stay-In-The-Damn-House" Grimes as a high school graduate, as audiences have watched him grow up onscreen, starting when he was 11 years old.

Besides filming Season 8 of the zombie drama and working on new music, Riggs revealed in a Reddit AMA earlier this year he was planning to attend college to study sociology and psychology. At the time of the AMA, he had been accepted to Auburn University, but admitted he hadn't decided where he was going yet.

Riggs's onetime costar, Jon Bernthal (Shane Walsh), came back from the grave to congratulate him on his acceptance to Auburn, posting an adorable throwback pic from the show's early years.

On Thursday (May 25), Riggs, decked in a purple cap and gown, shared a video of himself proudly walking across the stage and accepting his diploma. Congrats on finishing high school while simultaneously being covered in blood all the time, Chandler!

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