Shay Mitchell Heads To A Strip Club For Her Baby Shower

You've never seen a baby shower like this

Shay Mitchell has been documenting her journey through pregnancy every step of the way, and she's been bringing viewers along on a pretty wild ride.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that in the latest episode of her YouTube series Almost Ready, she reveals she's decided to have a baby shower after all.

"I know, I know, I said I didn't want a baby shower, but I changed my mind," said Mitchell. And honestly, the clip's title can't really prepare you for what awaits within the video (Not Your Average Baby Shower). That's because Mitchell and a few of her other pregnant girlfriends hit up Avalon Hollywood to see Magic Men Live. That's right, she did that. She went to a strip club for her baby shower!

All clad in pink, Mitchell and friends head into the club, where they enjoy a steamy show in celebration of their impending births. It's quite the sight, seeing a section of the club adorned in pink for the baby as well as a ton of scantily-clad men.

Mitchell has the time of her life during the party, even leaving boyfriend Matte Babel on read while she's clearly enjoying herself, as he asks how everything's going. And in the midst of the action, Shay actually gets coaxed onstage for a lap dance. Have you ever seen a baby shower like this before? We're lucky to have a few party games at most of the ones we go to.

It certainly looks like the Pretty Little Liars star thoroughly enjoyed herself, as she joked she was "going into labor" at one point thanks to all the gratuitous steaminess. The rest of the clip finds her visiting her doula and chatting about additional pregnancy details, but if you're interested in seeing how wild a baby shower can get, you've gotta see Shay's.