Did 'Arrow' Really Just Kill Off SPOILER?

And, if not, who's in the grave?

"Arrow" has had us playing the Who's In The Grave guessing game since its season 4 premiere, but did we get our answer in last night's (Dec 9) midseason finale?

The episode ended with Oliver (Stephen Amell) holding a wounded Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) in his arms after the two were shot at by Damien Darhk's men. If that weren't enough to have us worried, the promo for the next episode really wants us to think that Felicity is the person in the grave...

But is she? Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

They did this last season, too.

Let's face it: the season 3 midseason finale left Oliver in a much more dire situation — i.e. stabbed through the chest, then kicked off of a cliff in the middle of nowhere — than it has our dear Felicity. Sure, we're still worried, but if Oliver can come back from that, then Felicity can definitely come back from this.

The timing is (still) off.

As we've mentioned before, the timing of The Grave Death doesn't match up with the midseason. When we flash forward to the grave scene in the season 4 premiere, the caption tells us it is seven months later. It hasn't been seven months — either in our world or in the world of "Arrow." This means that, whatever happens to Felicity, won't result in the grave scene. And can you really see "Arrow" killing off more than one major character in one season? (Don't answer that.)

There was some scary foreshadowing for Laurel's death.

Um, we know that people talk about death all of the time on this show (probably because, at this point, most of them have died or been presumed dead at least once), but did anyone else find the convo between Laurel and her father particularly foreshadow-y?

Quentin to Laurel: "You just be careful out there, alright? Because I don't know what I'd do if anything were to happen to you. That's not true. I know exactly what I would do, and it'd be ugly." Did we just meet our season 5 villain?

Felicity's father will be coming to town.

This may be the most assuring piece of evidence in Felicity's favor. "Arrow" executive producer Wendy Mericle told Entertainment Weekly that the show would be bringing in Felicity's dad later this season — and that the introduction would be "a big reveal between her and Oliver later in the story." Also, Emily Bett Rickards is still on set filming. So, rest easy, friends.

That being said, just because Felicity probably isn't destined to die in the immediate future, doesn't mean there won't be some repercussions from that cliffhanger. Sure, maybe Felicity could make a speedy recovery and she and Oliver could live happily ever after for all time...

Or one of these quasi-bonkers, but totally entertaining scenarios could go down...

Choose your own alternative...

Felicity will fake her own death.

The CW


Damien Darhk has made it clear that he will go after the people that Oliver loves most, but seeming to kill Felicity — especially if Oliver plays up the devastation, like he was at that grave — could buy Team Arrow some more time to take down HIVE. Will Oliver and co. fake Felicity's death to a) keep her out of danger and b) let Darhk think he has won? It wouldn't be the worst plan ever...

Darhk will fake Felicity's death.

The CW


A slight, though infinitely more devastating variation of this plan involved Darhk faking Felicity's death to keep Oliver distracted with his grief. This would actually be a smart play for Darhk. If the Fake Death plan doesn't work, he could always use the Hostage Felicity plan as a backup. In the mean time, Felicity's tech prowess is a killer skill to have on one's said, if Darhk could coerce Felicity into helping HIVE.

Felicity will get amnesia.

The CW


Yeah, this is the stuff of soap opera, but when has "Arrow" ever shied away from the gloriously dramatic tropes of the soap opera genre? (Have you met Oliver's secret son? How about Shado's twin?)

Though TV has thankfully started to subvert the "Moonlighting" misconception that, as soon as TV couples get together, the show will suck, there is still something to be said for a little (organic, well-written) angst in a show such as "Arrow." Could the show pull the amnesia card with our favorite hacker?