Should Amber Have Confronted Mackenzie At The 'Teen Mom OG' Reunion?

On tonight's episode, Leah's mother showed she had Maci's back

Maci and Mackenzie spoke about Ryan's issues at the Teen Mom OG reunion several months back. While viewers witnessed Mackenzie storm out mid-conversation after accusing Bentley's mother of "exploiting Ryan's addiction," they did not see one of Maci's cohorts engage with Ryan's wife backstage.

"You are a f**king c**t for what you did," Amber stated to Mackenzie as she made her way off-camera.

Mackenzie didn't respond and kept walking, but Leah's mom wasn't done speaking her mind.

"She's lucky that I have self-control now," Amber stated to a producer, while showing her shaking hands.

And when Maci joined Amber in a side room, Amber dished about the brief, but emotionally charged, interaction.

"I don't care -- that was bulls**t," Amber told Maci as well as Catelynn (as seen in the clip above). "When you're there with him 24/7 at the time, you did know. Quit saying you didn't know. Everybody in America knows, but you didn't know?"

No resolution was reached between Amber and Mackenzie, and Mackenzie did not address the situation. But was it best for Amber to approach Mackenzie and insert herself in the conflict? Or should Amber have kept her distance? Share your theories in the comments, and keep watching Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c.