Big Sean Is The World's Worst Speed Dater In New 'Single Again' Performance

He shows how to gift one woman's rose to another mischievously

One of the hardest things about being newly single is adjusting to the world and getting back into the swing of things. Time waits for no one. Big Sean's "Single Again" is a song that tackles this from the best possible vantage point, one that says yes, he's single, but he's OK. He performed the number on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night (August 7) and got creative with the show. He's possibly still raw from a relationship, but what's wrong with a little speed dating?

Sean donned both the afro and and the beard for his performance. He looked older and wiser because of his experiences, initially bathed in a shadow of a giant clock that wouldn't stop spinning furiously. Time continues to move on, no matter what the circumstance. He then explores the stage set with a name tag on, determined to visit tables with a beautiful woman at each and find a suitor.

He takes a rose from one table and ogles at the other, handing her the flower. The floor is then revealed to have hundreds of roses strewn across it, hinting that he's been here before. Time stops here now that he comes to the realization that maybe he should just be single and refrain from dating. It's time to explore himself and figure out just who he is.

Big Sean released "Single Again," with supporting vocals from both Jhene Aiko and Ty Dolla $ign, in July along with his victorious return track, "Overtime." Earlier this year, he revealed that he took some time off from music to focus on his mental health and that, upon returning, he is now making the best music of his life.

Watch Big Sean be a terrible speed dater in his performance of "Single Again" up above.

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