'Logan' Slashed Its Way Into Record-Breaking Box Office Territory

Tons are turning out to see Hugh Jackman's farewell portrayal of Wolverine

Given that it's the last time Hugh Jackman will don his adamantium claws as Wolverine and the film has the pull of gory R-rating, it should come as no surprise that Logan destroyed the competition at the box office after its first weekend in theaters.

Variety reports that the Marvel drama is projected to rake in $85.3 million on opening weekend, which is a sizable bump up from the $80 mil it was expected to make.

A massive turnout on Friday to the tune of $33 million helped push it over the edge to make Logan it the best March opening for an R-rated feature — and the biggest premiere for an R-rated feature that didn't hit theaters on a holiday weekend.

Did Ryan Reynolds's naked butt have something to do with it? Definitely not, seeing as that Deadpool 2 teaser at the beginning of the film came as a huge surprise to audiences, but still. It's fantastic to see Jackman's last turn as the character he played for nearly two decades receive such a warm welcome — and fond farewell.