16 Charlie Charlie Challenge Videos That Are Too Damn Real

The best of the Interweb demons.

Over the past week, the Internet has been inundated with youths attempting the Charlie Charlie Challenge. The Charlie Charlie Challenge (or CCC, for time's sake) involves placing one pencil on top of another, over a sheet of paper that has the words "yes" and "no" written perpendicularly. The top pencil moves in one direction or another due to something -- gravity? Air? A demon? -- once you ask dear Charlie a question.

Below, the best and brightest Charlie Charlie Challenge videos on the Interwebs:

[Update: We have since learned that the Charlie Charlie Challenge was a marketing campaign from the upcoming movie "The Gallows." However, we still maintain that these videos are awesome.]

The Beyonce version.

The Poltergeist version.

The OG Charlie version.

The TOO REAL version.

The genuine freak out version.

The God's honest truth version.

The vanity version.

The "you're making a believer out of me" version.

The remix version.

The dubsmash version.

The buzzkill version.


The "she definitely rigged it" version.

The Paula version.

The Truther version.

The "calm down it's just a meme" version.

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