So... A Ghost Is Probably Stalking Demi Lovato

Maybe it's a Lovatic? MTV News consulted a ghost expert.

So it's entirely possible that Demi Lovato has a stalker. Not the fleshy kind (although I'm guessing she has those, too): the undead kind. As in a ghost. As in a ghost might be following her around. Yeah, I know.

"What proof do you have?" you might ask, narrowing your eyes and looking at your screen askance. Well, firstly there's the terrifying image that has been making the rounds on Twitter of Lovato -- clad in a kicky military-esque jacket -- a creepy, grinning face looming over her shoulder.

Secondly, we know for a fact that Lovato believes in the paranormal and, in fact, lives in a haunted house in Texas. She has enlisted ghost hunters and mediums to interact with the spirit, who is an 11-year-old named Emily who enjoys messing with computers and cellphones (much like your average 11-year-old girl).

Thirdly, I asked an expert -- namely, Brandon Alvis, founder of the American Paranormal Research Association.

"From my analysis I can't 100% say that the 'ghostly face' is a spirit," he told MTV News on Wednesday (May 7). "One thing to note is if Demi Lovato is a ghost hunting enthusiast and claims to have a strong connection with the afterlife, it is very possible that a ghost or spirit could be attached to her because of her previous attempts at communicating with the dead."

Perhaps Emily has decided to take her show on the road? Maybe she's a Lovatic!

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