Watch Selena Gomez's Steamy 'Good For You' Music Video

Selena takes a shower onscreen -- probably because she was just rolling around on the floor.

Selena Gomez gave us something fresh and sexy with "Good For You," releasing her new track on Monday. The track is stripped-down and hypnotizing, and so, when Selena unveiled its video on Friday (June 26), it makes sense that was it was equally beautiful and minimalistic.

The new video, directed by Sophie Muller, reworks the track, leaving A$AP Rocky out of the mix and introducing strings. It's slightly more morose, toning down the tiny sound explosions from the original.

It's a full three minutes of Selena's face, and I'm not complaining. She writhes around on a green couch, and then a leather one. She rolls around on the hardwood floor. And she takes shower. It's steamy.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.55.55 AM

"It's very jeans and a T-shirt, moments where a woman is deep in thought, or in a moment where she's in this crazy little rage," Selena told MTV News earlier this week. "It's just captures real things that women do. There are a lot of things that women do that are sexy that aren't just the typical, cheap way of being sexy."

Tell us what you think of the video below!