These MTV Shows Are Amazing As Remakes In Foreign Countries

Some of these spin-offs might even be better...if we spoke another language.

Some TV shows are just so good, they have to make their way overseas. When they do, it tends to happen in one of two ways: either the original show gets dubbed over in a different language (like "The Simpsons") or the show's general concept is simply transported to another country.

MTV shows are no exception. The channel has produced some iconic shows over the last 25-plus years and plenty of them have found their way overseas in various formats. Here are seven that you didn't realize have been viewed all over the globe, slightly modified from how you see it at home.

"Jersey Shore"

"Jersey Shore" might be one of the "polarizing" reality shows of the last decade. The format is simple: a bunch of party-kids, who are unified by their shared social and ethnic heritage, live in an amazing beach house. It's so seemingly easy and successful, why not spin it off?

Enter "Geordie Shore," which transplants the same format to the UK and substitutes Geordies for Guidos. The show has been running since 2011, and the format has been extended to several other countries: "Gandía Shore" in Spain, "Warsaw Shore" in Poland, "Acapulco Shore" in Mexico... you get the picture. People all over the world appreciate Gym Tan Laundry.

"Laguna Beach"


One of MTV's earliest forays into reality programming after the success of "Real World," "Laguna Beach" followed a bunch of rich kids living in a surf and sand paradise. It spawned "The Hills," which in turn is the spiritual predecessor of "The Valleys," which is about kids living in Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff is apparently the Laguna Beach of Wales, in that it only rains there 360 out of 365 days a year. Surf's up!

In a more direct way, "Laguna Beach" is responsible for "Freshwater Blue," which is MTV Australia's look at a bunch of sexy young Aussies surfing and getting mixed up in all kinds of bikini shenanigans. It is also similar to "Living on the Edge," about rich kids living in Cheshire, England. It just goes to show that no matter the country, there are hot, spoiled rich kids making you jealous as hell.

"Celebrity Deathmatch"

It's hard to believe a show about claymation celebrities murdering each other was ever allowed to exist. The show was prototypical Americana, with the hyper-violence and celebrities familiar only to a US audience. However, they did make one glorious episode for German audiences. It pitted megastars like... Harald Schmidt and... Stefan Raab... against each other. No love lost between those guys, am I right?

"MTV Cribs"

The show that featured roughly 250 celebrities pointing to their bed and going "This is where the magic happens!" has also been brought overseas. MTV Canada did a version, where they toured the homes of Canadian celebs.

"Total Request Live"

"TRL" (and later "Total Ariana Live") counted down the top 10 videos of the day. "Los 10+ Pedidos" is the Spanish language equivalent. Instead of voting for your favorite videos, you "vota." Pretty simple.

"Road Rules"

"Road Rules" is about a bunch of strangers are trapped in an RV together instead of a house. Makes sense, given how Americans are obsessed with both motor vehicles and human suffering. Now head across the world to Southeast Asia. Did you know India has the sixth-largest automotive industry on the planet? Enter "MTV Roadies," the Indian version of "Road Rules" which takes the same premise and takes it to the deadliest roads on earth.

"Yo! MTV Raps"

Everyone loved "Yo! MTV Raps," including Ice Cube - in fact, any time he caught it over at Short Dog's house, it was a good day. As hip-hop took over the world, the show found its way down to Brazil, or at least that's what my shoddy understanding of Portuguese leads me to believe.