Jagged Edge Reflect On Their Favorite Songs

Quartet tell 'Mixtape Daily' which of their tracks mean the most to them.

Celebrity Favorites: Jagged Edge

The four-man collective Jagged Edge are readying their next album, [article id="1658357"]The Remedy,[/article] due later this month and featuring the standout cuts "Baby" and "Lay You Down." It's the veteran group's seventh album, following the release of projects like J.E. Heartbreak and Jagged Little Thrill.

And while J.E. are focused on the future -- The Remedy is their second album released through their 581 Music imprint and first recorded under contract with Slip-N-Slide Records -- here, they take a look back at their catalog and talk about some of their favorite tracks.

Kyle Norman: "One of my favorite songs would be 'Let's Get Married.' And it's really written, of course, if you have any heart and soul you want to get married one day. And I heard it's like one of the number-one wedding songs of all time, behind 'Ribbon in the Sky.' So for us to have a song like that being mentioned among the other great wedding songs, that means a lot. We were 19, 20 making that."

Brian Casey: "For me, I'd have to say it was our very first hit record, 'Gotta Be.' All of the above, it touched me at certain times in my life and what it has meant to my life. It was our first legitimate hit record. Your first hit record is so jarring, 'cause you go from nothing to something like that. And that song represents a lot for me."

Brandon Casey: "We all come from two-parent households, and we know we're the rarity; most of our friends don't. So, for me, it's a song called 'Nothing Without You.' My dad always wrote poetry, and as much credit as my mom gets for our voice, because she sings, my dad doesn't get much credit for our writing ability and, at least, our attempt to be poetic. So that song, my brother made mention to my dad, and every time I hear it, it just make me think of my dad."

Wingo: "The song 'Respect' came about because I had a friend, she was going through something crazy with one of her ex-boyfriends. He used to put his hands on her. She came by the studio, and the guys saw her one day after an episode. And we was like, 'Let's do a song about respect, guys keeping his hands off a woman.' Women are God's gift to man, it's like dropping diamonds on the ground; you supposed to take care of them. It's one of my favorite songs."

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