New 'Gone Girl' Trailer Offers First Look At Creepy Neil Patrick Harris

This is the only reason I want summer to end.

After spending the weekend thoroughly creeped out by four sinister teaser posters, today we're being treated to a new trailer for "Gone Girl," the David Fincher-directed adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel.

In "Gone Girl," Rosamund Pike stars as Amy Dunne, who goes missing on her fifth anniversary to her husband Nick (Ben Affleck). When clues -- like the ones we see in the new posters -- and the media begin to point to Nick as a suspect and a dirtbag, the audience is left to figure out who to trust.

The film, which doesn't hit theaters until October, has already produced some of the year's most striking imagery, beginning with the Entertainment Weekly cover that Fincher shot himself. That trend continued with the Elvis Costello-filled trailer and the four evidence bag photos that popped up over the weekend.

Whether you've read Flynn's brilliant book or not, "Gone Girl" certainly deserves a place on your "most anticipated" list for the fall because it's sitting at the top of mine.

"Gone Girl" opens in theaters on October 3.

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