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[Spoiler] Is Pregnant Again On 'Teen Mom OG'

Find out which cast member just took a pregnancy test

Amber, Farrah, Catelynn and Maci have discussed expanding their families since Teen Mom OG returned -- and the latter two women welcomed brand-new additions since 2015. Now, there's another baby on the way, as evidenced during tonight's brand-new episode. So who is expecting?

Amber and her beau Andrew (who recently met his girlfriend's ex Gary and her daughter Leah) vacationed together in Hawaii, but the Indiana native complained that she wasn't feeling well as they explored the Aloha State. Her symptoms: Vomiting and fatigue.

"Is this how it felt before when you were pregnant with Leah?" Andrew asked Amber in their hotel, as she held a pregnancy test box (watch it above).

Her response: "Absolutely."

The two then reviewed the instructions, and off Amber retreated to the bathroom.

"I'm nervous," she revealed, behind closed doors. Shortly after, she emerged and stated "Oh, s**t," as she handed Andrew the stick.

And of course, that's how the installment ended (but we saw a preview for next week's episode which gives us the answer to the result). So how did they react? Be sure to watch Teen Mom OG next Monday to find out.