Carly Rae Jepsen Reveals The Power Of Her Love In Two New Songs

"Now That I Found You" and "No Drug Like Me" are about googly eyes and drooling mouths

Carly Rae Jepsen's 2018 announcement of a new album coming this year sent fans into a fierce collective period of anticipation. Today (February 27), it looks like the movement commences. She's back with not one, but two new energetic songs to brighten up your week.

The first song of the doubleheader is "Now That I Found You," and it's vibrant enough to brighten up any of the moods that come with the week's jitters. Jepsen's nasally delivery blossoms with the rapidly evolving backdrop of synth delights that cascade into heart-warming pools of techno. Jepsen's lyrics are equally airy as she sings about the beauty of finding a lover. You'll be smiling throughout the record's runtime. A snippet of the record appeared in a promotional video for the third season of Netflix's Queer Eye earlier this month.

"No Drug Like Me" is the second of the two tunes and a little funkier than the other. It moves at a slower pace while managing to keep the energy high as she sings about her ability to make a lover addicted to her. The chorus devotes itself to describing the feeling of intoxication that comes with drug use as she equates it to what being enamored with her feels like. She drags her voice between words and blows in the wind like she's moving in slow motion. It makes for a slightly dizzying experience that proves her point. If just listening to her sing about her ability to leave you drugged off her love can make you feel woozy, we can't imagine what it feels like to actually be in love with her.

Jepsen's generous two-scoop cone of new music comes after she shared "Party for One" last November. It's great to see new music out now because it probably means that the forthcoming LP will be available sooner than later. Her last album was 2015'EMOTION.

Listen to the two romantic tunes above.

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