Lorde's Poetic 'Mad Max' Review Is Giving Us Furiosa Fever

Also, she needs to make movies ASAP.

Lorde has proven herself to be kind of a renaissance woman: she writes music, scores movies, wields sizable creative control over her videos and influences millions of teens with her brave, bold fashion choices. So what's next on her list of achievements? Might we suggest director? Or reviewer, perhaps?

Everyone and their sister (mine, at least) has been raving about “Mad Max: Fury Road" of late -- including Laci Green of "Braless" -- and Lorde is no different.

"I went to see the movie 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and I really enjoyed it I've been thinking about it for days," Lorde wrote on Twitter. "There were so many moments that could have been whole movies themselves, but instead we got only a small, beautiful morsel."

She then went on to expound on what moments could be full-blown flicks, weaving a rather poetic review:

The question now becomes, lady: Are you planning on making those stories manifest any time soon? Lorde is currently in the studio, working on her followup to Pure Heroine -- while dancing to Robyn -- but I think she can squeeze in some time to make an epic film loosely based on "Mad Max," don't you? Fix that whole "we live in cities you'll never see on screen" thing, maybe?


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