Finally! Disney Store Is So Done With Gendered Halloween Costumes

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Halloween just got a whole lot more inclusive, and it's utterly spooktacular: This year, the Disney Store's 2015 Halloween costume collection features a ton of adorable costumes, and none of them are being marketed as "boys'" or "girls," just "kids.'"

The Disney Store

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This year's theme, entitled "I Am Awesome," marks a major shift for the store, which had traditionally separated costumes by gender on their site.

The Disney Store Via The Mary Sue

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The change isn't just reflected in the gender neutral language -- it's also ingrained in the site's functionality. As People noted, "Even clicking on 'Halloween Costumes' under the 'Girls' and 'Boys' headers on the main page takes you to a general 'Costumes for Kids' page, where Cinderella costumes can be found on the same page as Thor costumes."

The Disney Store

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The Disney Store joins Target as corporate entities who've joined in on the movement to ditch gendered marketing. In August, Target announced it would be "Phas[ing] out gender-based signage" in its stores.

We're glad such a big store realizes that anyone can be a Disney Princess or Buzz Lightyear. It's all good.