This Custom 'Dishonored' Xbox 360 Controller Is Fully Functional

This isn't the first time we've seen a steampunk style Xbox 360 controller, but this awesome creation, brought to life by Devin Smith of End of Line Designs, actually pulls inspiration from a particular game rather than just going for the look.

As you can see, Devin's Dishonored Xbox 360 controller has a lot more going on than just a new paint job. The controller itself has essentially been recreated, with all new buttons, a canvas layer inspired by Corvo's mask and new light behind the center button more in line with the game.

Even after all of the custom fabrication the controller is still functional, but we're not expecting to see anything this awesome on store shelves any time soon. Thankfully, you can see more of the Dishonored controller and Smith's other work by visiting his website.

[via Kotaku]

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