Bj&#246rk Wins Best Actress At Cannes

Björk's performance in "Dancer In The Dark" has earned her the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival awards ceremony on Sunday.

As MTV reported last week, the film received a standing ovation at last Wednesday's showing for reporters (See [article id="1425866"]"Björk's "Dark" Musical Film Draws Raves At Cannes"[/article]). During subsequent screenings at the festival, the film moved audiences to tears, and went on to receive the prestigious Golden Palm Award for Best Movie.

In "Dancer In The Dark," the Icelandic pop queen portrays Selma, a single mother who saves wages from her factory job to pay for her son's medical procedure. By film's end, her character suffers from the same hereditary disease that causes blindness, and dreams of a better life (illustrated by colorful musical numbers set to songs penned by the coy pop singer).

For Björk, the film marks another milestone in her remarkable career. After making

a name for herself with Iceland's biggest rock band, the Sugarcubes, she released three solo albums (1993's "Debut," 1995's "Post," and 1997's "Homogenic") and dazzled audiences worldwide with her intense vocals, offbeat music, and outlandish costumes and hairstyles.

Björk's soundtrack to "Dancer In The Dark" will be released on Elektra Records in mid-September 2000, and the Award-winning film hits U.S. theaters on October 6. Björk's next studio album will hit stores in the spring of 2001.