Emma Stone Thinks 'Game Of Thrones' Is A Joke

Oh yeah? Well, 'Game Of Thrones' thinks you're a joke right back! [Runs out of room, sobbing.]

Dear Emma Stone,

1) Please stop being so effortlessly charming.

2) Please stop being so actually hilariously funny.

3) Your stance on "Game Of Thrones" is seriously hurting our crush on you.



Or more accurately, while doing press for the upcoming film "Magic In The Moonlight," Stone was challenged by MTV News to a game of "This Or That" in the latest episode of "MTV After Hours," taking strong stances on peanut butter versus animated GIFs, never nudes and actual nudes, as well as some hot tips for any paparazzi who want to stake her out.

But it's Stone's thoughts on HBO's "Game Of Thrones" that may break our undying love for her, once and for all. Asked to choose between "Orange Is The New Black," and "GOT," Stone chose OITNB because she thinks that "Game Of Thrones" is a "joke show."

Emma. Darling. Please don't hurt our enjoyment of you, or watching the most soul-destroying television show ever created. Just kidding, we could never hate you. If it was a choice between animated GIFs, and Emma Stone, we WOULDN'T HAVE TO CHOOSE:

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