Die Antwoord's 'Evil Boy' Video: The Most NSFW Clip Ever?

It's difficult for any new musical act to grab a healthy dose of attention in the modern era, but putting out a controversial video is one way to turn some heads and inspire some Google searches. Part of Lady Gaga's appeal is in her envelope-pushing clips (many of which have her in various states of undress) and the only positive buzz M.I.A. has received recently was for the somewhat shocking video for "Born Free." There has already been a lot of chatter surrounding the arrival of Die Antwoord, the South African electro-hop collective known for their manic live performances and genre-busting approach to musical construction. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't still kick it up a notch, which is probably the logic behind the release of their new video for "Evil Boy."

Be careful about clicking that link, actually, because the video may be the most NSFW clip in the history of the medium. Plenty of bands have put out clips that feature nudity (in fact, the unedited version of Kanye West's "Power" features a ton of scantily-clad bodies), but "Evil Boy" really pushes things forward. There are a ton of bare breasts (mostly without nipples), but the real edgy stuff comes with all of the extremely phallic imagery that isn't really all that subtle (the stuff that looks like pieces of the male anatomy basically just look like pieces of the male anatomy). It's a remarkable accomplishment that the least weird elements are the furry monster costumes worn by Yo-Landi Vi$$er.

Has there ever been a video more extreme? As stated above, nudity isn't all that new, but this level of nudity is pretty nuts. So enjoy the nakedest video of all time (except for maybe Nelly's "Tip Drill," which remains a modern masterpiece).

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