Susan Sarandon Wants To Smoke Weed With A$AP Rocky And Action Bronson

Of course.

Susan Sarandon finally mustered up the courage to do what we've all along hoped she would: Invite Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky on a smoking date.

Confused? Yeah, we kind of are, too, but this is pretty great, so we're not complaining.

Basically, on "1 Train," an A$AP Rocky posse cut from 2013, Action Bronson raps that he's "selling Susan Sarandon." The actress, it seems, has finally heard the song a year-and-a-half later. Either that, or it just came on shuffle and she was inspired to send this one-of-a-kind tweet.

Bronsalino caught wind of the invite, and ecstatically responded by referencing one of her more well-known movies.

Sarandon probably isn't just messing around, by the way. She's serious about her marijuana affinity.

“It’s absurd that more states haven’t legalized it," she told High Times in May, according to The New York Post. "It’s an important source of income... You also see the reports on kids who have seizures that are prevented by medical marijuana. You see the relief it gives to vets... It’s also a lovely way to socialize and be with people -- and to be with yourself and de-stress.”

“That’s the great thing about smoking weed: if you lead a very, very busy life, for me, it really makes the most of your weekend. It like, triples, your weekends. If you only have certain windows to get high, it allows you to slow down and really be there."

Still, she emphasized that, like many things in life, it should be consumed in moderation.

“As I’ve explained to my kids, weed helps you take a break from a very busy life," she said. "But you’ll never have a really full life if you are stoned constantly from a young age.”

If this date ever happens, I hope someone films it.