DJ Khaled Got Lost At Sea With A Jet Ski And Snapchat


You know that friend who's always Snapchatting every moment of every day? DJ Khaled is that friend. And yesterday, he Snapped while lost at sea on a dangerous voyage (or so he claims).

“It’s dark," he said in the beginning of the Snap story, per XXL. "In a minute, there ain’t gonna be no light to navigate us to where we need to go. I’ma check in with y’all."

Nevermind the super bright lights behind him.

DJ Khaled / Snapchat


After his (alleged) near-death experience, Khaled weighed in with some hilarious advice. "They key is to make it," he said repeatedly. "It’s so dark out here. We don’t know where the hell we at, but the key is to make it. They key is never give up. It’s not easy to win. I know that."

So, the key is to make it. Got it.

"The key is not to drive your jet ski in the dark," he also said. "This is against the law and not even just that, this ain’t right."

It got a little shaky out there when it did look completely dark, but eventually, Khaled made it home. "We made it," he said upon his arrival. "They never said it was easy to win...It feels good to be back."

Watch the full story below.

Oh, and don't worry -- Khaled's back at it today.

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