OG Maco And Future Show Rappers How To Settle Their Differences

It's all settled.

OG Maco cares about his audience, and last week the up-and-coming rapper let off a passionate series of tweets -- one of which was critical of Future's music.

I love Future but I also understand Future has destroyed countless lives by making it cool to be a drug addict. 56 Xans isn't cool.

— OG Maco (@OGMaco) July 9, 2015

On Monday (July 13), Future responded to the criticism of his "56 Nights" lyric where he rapped about having taken 56 Xanax pills in a month's time on "Huff Post Live."

"He need to rap about whatever he rap about," Future advised. "He need to get out there and start rapping church, Bible verses. And then he won't have an opinion on hip-hop. he'll have to talk about Kirk Franklin or somebody."

Future says he doesn't think his music negatively affects his fans. "I don't feel like I'm destroying no lives. Everybody have their own choices of how they wanna live," he said.

"OG Maco, he gonna have to respond, he gonna have to see me about that. When I see him he's gonna have to tell me to my face. Like all that Twitter, I'm not with that. Like I'm 100%, I'ma 100% man."

Well, it appears that the two rappers have found a peaceful resolve.



He also offered up some of the "Bible verses" that Future suggested he record.

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