This Little Boy’s Freestyle Dance To Taylor Swift's ‘Shake It Off’ Is Absolutely Spectacular

We think Taylor has found her new backup dancer.

One little boy has had a really exciting summer thanks to his dance-filled cover of a Taylor Swift song.

8-year-old Dylan Barnes is a kid who loves dancing, so he filmed himself performing to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" one afternoon. The awesome video went extremely viral and currently has 6.3 million views on Facebook.

As a result, Ellen Degeneres invited the red-headed dancer on her show to talk, where Barnes revealed he doesn't choreograph anything and his routines are all freestyle. Degeneres then asked the prodigy to perform again (on a set made to look like the room in his viral video, natch) and Barnes did so well that the audience gave him a standing ovation -- and for good reason. The kid has moves!

Check out the performance below, which starts at the 2:40 mark.