Everybody 'Scream': The Trailer For MTV's New Series Is Finally Here

Bella Thorne presented the teaser at the '2015 Movie Awards' -- and unveiled the show's premiere date.

Nearly 20 years after a masked murderer made his frightful debut in the mega-hit horror film franchise "Scream," the slasher is back -- and his return to MTV is going to make you look like Edvard Munch's artistic masterpiece.

During the "2015 Movie Awards," Bella Thorne introduced the very first trailer -- and a premiere date of June 30! -- for the highly anticipated small-screen adaptation. Don't worry if your lungs hurt a little after viewing the goosebumps-raising spot -- we're right there with you.

The edge-of-your-seat teaser begins with the actress portraying a teen, inspired by Drew Barrymore's unforgettable character Casey Becker. Alone in a big house, she changes into a bikini and heads to the pool for a nighttime dip. Unfortunately, her solo swim is interrupted — thanks to a taunting text that reads "heads up" and a gruesome discovery she makes in the water.

Cue the bodies, a group of spooked-out high schoolers contemplating the mysterious activities in their town, an investigating sheriff, plenty of plasma and of course, screaming. LOTS of screaming.

Oh, and this chilling narrative: "Everyone has secrets, everyone tells lies and everyone is fair game." Scared, yet?

+ Watch the thrilling trailer below, and tell us what you think about the first glimpse of "Scream"!

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